15 Travel Memories to Inspire Wonderlust

March 29, 2020
Given the unfortunate coronavirus situation, traveling will be on hold for awhile. To help ease wonderlust I wanted to reminisce and share some of my favorite travel memories!

Let's Rewind

I'll admit I'm a serial photographer when I travel, I use photos as a way to remember the places, people, and things I don't want to forget.

Now is sadly not the time to travel due to the virus situation everyone should stay home as much as possible. So, to ease my growing wonderlust

I gave myself a challenge to go through all of my 16,991 photos and select 15 of my top travel memories from 2016 to 2019.

Let's get to it, below are my top travel memories starting from the first time I traveled abroad in 2016!


Showing off my 6 God (Drake) hat in front of the CN Tower, don't judge 18 year old me haha.

This photo is from my first trip out of America to Toronto, Canada.

This trip and my shiny new passport was the best 18th birthday present I could of asked for.

I asked to go to Toronto in the first place because I used to be a massive Drake fan and most of his music videos feature the city. This trip is one of my most memorable ones as it's where you could say I first caught the travel bug.


The Fairmount Le Château Frontenac is the skyscraper of Quebec City.

I successfully convinced my parents to take my sister and I to Montréal and Québec City for our spring break by constantly talking about my last year's trip to Canada. I still remember how cold it was, especially in Quebec City where it snowed in April.

Since we were there during the off-season we got to stay at the most famous hotel in Québec City called the Fairmount Le Château Frontenac which definitely beats my usual budget Airbnbs.

I remember our drive from Montréal to Québec City because my dad got super angry since his phone GPS went nuts, shouting turn left, turn right until we realized it was still on walking mode.


2018 was my biggest travel year yet, I moved out of the country for the first time to Paris, France and I got to visit 13 new countries in Europe.

This soup could be displayed in the Louvre.

This picture seems a bit random but actually shows the first meal I ever ate outside of North America.

After my Dad and I flew to Paris and lugged my two heavy suitcases up four flights of stairs we grabbed lunch at Frenchie, a trendy spot near my apartment.

Unfortunately this soup ruined my taste buds for life, as since then no other soup has been as delicious.

Me in front of my Dad's flat, I wanted to move in!

I went to London, England for the first time with my dad who lived there when he was 4 years old and had never been back since.

We tracked down his former beautiful flat in Knightsbridge and had high tea at Harold's after which was a quintessential British experience.

The ideal lunch break view.

I took a solo day trip from Copenhagen, Denmark to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk and it turned out to be one of my best travel days ever.

I love this museum not only because of the amazing modern art exhibitions but also because of its stunning location. The museum is located along the Øresund coast and you can even spot Sweden in the distance.

Now you've seen my laptop's background.

A couple of friends and I had a wine and cheese picnic in the Jardin de Tuileries in Paris and witnessed probably the most beautiful sunset of all time. The photo doesn't do it any justice, but it was one of those moments where I had to pinch myself.

A postcard from Sigtuna Sweden.

As a scandiphile, the number one country I always wanted to visit was Sweden. I got the chance to meet up with my Swedish friend, Adam in Stockholm who showed me around city and the nearby town of Sigtuna.

Sigtuna is bascially the Hamptons of Sweden and is where everyone including me wants to retire.

I enjoyed being in Sigtuna because I got to see an authentic picture of daily life in Sweden that most tourists don't get to see. A major highlight was the Swedish waffle cafe called Café Véfflan, if you ever go try their amazing lingonberry jam for me!

My sister Allie and I in Dynòw, Poland.

I have always been super interested in my Polish heritage which comes from my Grandfather and have always wanted to go Poland. In 2018 I finally got the chance to go to Poland with my grandparents, sister and of my cousins for a whirlwind tour of the country.

One of the best parts of this special trip was visiting the town of Dynów where my great grandmother was born and seeing the exact church where she was baptised over a hundred years ago.


From Paris to Seoul!

In January I made my first trip to Asia, specifically to Seoul, South Korea to visit 3 of my friends from Paris who moved back to Seoul.

It was so cool to meet up in their home country and see Seoul from a local perspective. My favorite moment was when my friend Hyunjee told me she is no longer afraid of animals since I convinced her to visit a racoon and dog cafe with me.

You can even buy a cute themed metro card for couples.

Ok I had to include another picture from Seoul because it is the the most unique city I've been to so far!

To sum it up, South Korea is basically the land of all things cute. Everywhere you look you can find adorable items to buy and that even includes metro cards.

Pre getting drenched by the waterfall.

In March, my boyfriend Zihan and I visited Iceland together after finding uber cheap tickets. It was our first trip outside of a big city but turned out to be amazing and we both fell in love with Iceland's stunning nature!

This picture is from when we randomly came across the Skógafoss waterfall while driving (things that only happen in Iceland) and decided to take a detour and check it out.

Read more about my trip to Iceland: here

Kudos to whoever painted that ceiling.

My former roommate Liz and I visited Oslo, Norway for our last spring break trip before graduating.

I know I always pick the coldest places to go for spring break unlike normal people who go to Mexico.

Anyways, while in Oslo we visited the famous Oslo City Hall and I have already decided I will be holding my future wedding there if you want to rsvp.

Sorry Paris, Prague wins as my most photogenic city.

I was lucky enough to visit Prague, Czech Republic twice in 2019, once with Liz and then with Zihan later in the year.

I'll be honest, when I was planning on visiting Prague, I had no expectations. When I got to Prague I was blown away by the beautiful architecture, in my opinion Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe. I love how all the buildings are unique and in different, mostly pastel colors.

Prague is also extremely affordable, we were often shocked at how cheap even trendy cafes and restaurants were. Therefore, I had to recommend anyone to visit only one city in Europe, Prague would be the winner.

European Christmas markets > everything else

Zihan and I went to Budapest, Hungary in December with one goal in mind, check out as many European Christmas markets as humanly possible in 10 days.

We both agreed that the Budapest Christmas Market was the best due to it's amazing selection of local, handcrafted items at affordable prices. This Hungarian grandfather selling homemade animal puppets was my personal favorite.

This photo makes me want to improve my photography skills.

For my Christmas present Zihan surprised me with a photoshoot in Budapest, Hungary he found on Airbnb Experiences. We had a blast even though we were practically numb from head to toe from the cold.

Our photographer Daniel was super talented and managed to get amazing shots in some of the most popular spots in Budapest minus any photo bombs from fellow tourists.

There you have it, my top 15 travel photos and memories over the past 3 years!

Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite travel memory so far? I'm excited to hear all of your amazing memories to curb my crazy wanderlust while under home quarantine. Please stay safe and healthy my friends❣️

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